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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 23, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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we'll see what happens in the the next couple of days. that ibm move is 7% and help of jenny ladies have a great day. thank you so much or for a great show. once tben, and that will do it for us stay with fox business, varney "varney & company" is next. stuart take it away. >> i'll cease the day maria that's a fact. good morning maria. good morning everyone. well, look at this. down 300 tuesday up what nearly 200 at the open wednesday what is going on? is this computer driven trading? seen that way yesterday when a single report suggested a china trade meeting has been canceled. today with that report sphiewted the market reverses course. the dow is going to be up what 170, 180 points nice gain for s&p and nasdaq will be up about half percentage point of point d be said this reversal is held by strong earnings reports from ibm, with united technology, and proctor and gamble senate gets
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into the shutdown dispute majority lead or will allow two votes one democrat, one republican to get the government reopened. neither is a sure thing. the shutdown is in its 33rd day tsa stick out continues and hundreds irs workers are reportedly off a the job. that could interfere with tax refunds. but overall little impact thus far on the economy. and then there's this. i'll say it is ominous a drone sighting interrupted flights at newark airport for half an hour yesterday. at 5 p.m. eastern incoming flights were halted. they have to circle. recently, traffic at london two biggest airports was disrupted by drone sightings. protesters terrorists or anybody could use a drone or for maximum airport disruption. i call that ominous. stay there please. you will want to hear what john kerry had to say. "varney & company" is about to begin.
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>> taken this seriously doesn't have ability to have that kind of conversation. resign. okay. >> well, that was former secretary of state john kerry, obviously, strong words from the president. liz peek is with us columnist. i was going to say columnist -- [laughter] right. well what is the former secretary of state doing using the language like that on foreign soil about our president? >> embarrassing himself. i think first shaleful. shameful comments and i really love this idea that president trump isn't taking presidency seriously. let's remember that after the worst terror attack in european
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history john kerry bring john taylor to paris to sing you've got a friend. that a -- >> what was his name? >> no -- was it guys -- james taylor that's right. that is not taking your job seriously but look john kerry like obama administration is trump are is step by step unraveling president obama legacy and nowhere more importantly than on foreign policy, of course, is john kerry as secretary of state legacy too. so iran deal, gone. paris climate accord, gone. and by the way, littles by little european nationses are coming around on the iran deal. not being a good idea. that iran can't be trusted so what is john kerry talking about? he's just annoyed. >> frankly i say he confirms this year is a joke. pfnlg irrelevant. >> i think it is a meeting of people whose policies have failed i think that's a fair statement. >> let's talk about government shutdown going to be two votes in the senate. one from the democrats, one from the republicans.
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neither look like a sure thing. how and when will this shutdown end? >> well, i think one of the reasons market might be up today is that this at least shows some movement. it shows that mitch mcconnell is getting involved trying to move senate towards some sort of resolution. i don't think either of these bills will win. you're going to have 7 democrats cross party lines to vote for the bill that does include a border fence that's unlikely to happen. but they're also going to have to vote against a lot of things including protections for the dreamers that democrats very much want. so i think it is a tough vote for a lot of poem and get people like cory gardner and doug jones crossing line probably because i think that's a really tough vote for people who might be in trouble in 2020 and sort of right leaning states. but i think overall this just kind of maybe moves needle forward a little bit and i think that markets would cheer that. this has got to fend and really not a good display of american democracy at work. >> may i suggest it ends when a
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poll or several polls come out and say, democrats are to blame. nancy pelosi negotiate. >> i don't think people americans like this. in fact polling already shows that most -- more than a majority of americans don't like the in thes negotiating position which is there has no negotiations position. so i think you're totally right i think if this tbins to backfire on democrats that they overreached once again which had they tend to do. that you will see some sort of change in their policy. right now, though, they think they're winning and it is really an appalling power play they're engaging in. bea harvard harris poll today shows that president approval rating at 45% slightly higher in last poll. >> interesting. they think his base likes what is he's doing, obviously, and some americans again don't like fact that democrats won't even tack to the president. that subpoena unacceptable. >> nancy pelosi speaks is at 10:30 eastern time this morning. >> liz thank you very much
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indeed. thank you housing industry. very much in the news recently it has not been looking that good we had existing home sales yesterday. that was a disappointment. right now we've got the latest read i think it is on the trend in home prices. >> trend single family home prices up. they rose in november from october. so it is trail number up 8 .4% but up e nearly 6% year over year. but yearly comparison much better but pace of the rising prices slowed down considerably that's the problem. >> rising prices mortgage rates up a little from where they were. millennial stuck with a lot of student debt. still not a lot -- >> fingers pointing at me. >> so, i mean, that's the case. >> why is why so many are putting off and seeing vacancies across it and think too older generation has larger homes i don't need a big home my point in life. >> let's have a look on your screen right now there's future market pointing to a nice gain at the open bell up about 180
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for the dow. how about ibm high per profit revenue declined again but look at that stock go up 7% very big gain. higher sales at comcast, watch it go up. nice gain nearly 3%. rosie forecast from procter & gamble grocery store giant. another quarter strong sales up it goes. 4%. look at united technologies profits improve i believe it is up yes it is up 4.8%. nice earnings reports today. let's stay on markets because dennis is here. all right dennis -- i was about to ask you, if the china trade story is more important than the the earnings reports story? i'll reverse that is earnings report story now more important than china story? >> i think that china story is probably has greater standing pressure standing power for next month two months three months.
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earnings numbers look backward china looks forward. i wish we would sit down with or more viable talks with the chinese and hasn't seen remarks come out from china yesterday concerning huawei so yes i do think that the china story has greater legs than those one day of earnings. those are great earnings, however, let's congratulate ibm. and let's look at the fact that with ibm procter & gamble i haven't done the math i don't have my computer with me but of the 190 points the dow is up 100 are from three strongs reported substantive earnings and one of the things that bothers me this morning is that the dow is leading the s&p, the s&p is leading the nasdaq we used to call that painting the tape we'll see what happens. impressive today. not nearly as depressive as yesterday 300 point and actual at one point 450 upon the decline. i've been bullish of stockses i'm somewhat more moderate, of course, of the last 4, 48 hours but unbalanced i think six months from now will be probably
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higher. >> what do you make of this -- top of the show, i suggested that maybe computers were reading the headlines and instangtly reacting you know the algorithms tied to headlines. what do you make of that? have i got a point? >> well i think it is a very good point stuart on the way up, the computers have been trained to buy dips now that computers are retraining themselves to sell rallies. and that's probably what's happened. i don't doubt that yesterday was -- was computer driven but let's not get too carried away with fear of computers what has bought has to be sold what is sold has to be bought i think they create liquidity more than anything else. >> dennis says we'll be high per than where we are now so i'll leave it at that. >> leave it at that not dramatically so probably just modestly so one is always better to bet on bullish side of the market than bearish side bullish it is much nicer to dance and bull issues than to do -- than to deflect the bears horns.
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i'm neutral right now. but i think unbalanced i would rather be bullish than anything else. >> got it dennis thanks for being with us today we appreciate it. thank you dennis. >> thanks stuart good to see you as always. >> here's the tesla story we used to have amazon now tesla story of the day. going to cost you or more to charge your tesla vehicle. tell me christina. >> on average cost about 19% higher. and reason is they're going from the state structure so everybody in one stot would pay the same pee and now it is individual charging stations because they're beginning to determine the demand. they're seeing an increase and there was one with article actually compared to toyota prixs use the price for a tesla model 3 would cost you about 8 cents per mile but a toyota prius will cost 4 cents per mile so argument is, why get an electronic car when you're seeing prices go higher and not as a much in terms of rebate but infrastructure needs to improve, and we have tesla now. that's increasing prices. >> stock down 6 bucks i think in
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premarket trading today. that puts it firmly below 300 dollars share. overall we are going up. at the opening bell this morning look again at this. up maybe 190 maybe 200 points there at the opening bell now this supreme court agreed to hear a case about the right to carry guns outside your home. first tile the courts heard a gun case in about a decade. judge napolitano break it is down for us us in a moment and later we have something very special on the show. jackie robinson original contract. this broke the the color barrier in baseball. not just a piece of sports history, it is a piece of american history. and you're going to see it live we've got it on the set for you and we'll fell you the price to. in other baseball news, yankees closing pitcher rivera got a start in the baseball hall of fame. it was a fore gone conclusion bound to get in. vote to get him inducted was unanimous. first time that's happen ad in the history of baseball. baseball hall of fame i should say watch rivera and his family
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react to the news of that unanimous vote. >> i have another piece of news. >> yes. >> you are the first person -- [cheering and applause]
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all right just joining us we'll tell you this dow will go up about 180 maybe 190 points at the opening bell 14 and a half minutes away. then there's this. the supreme court accepts its first gun case in nearly a decade weather and to what degree lawmakers can restrict the right to carry guns outside your home. all rise judge nam tan know is here and back again and ten years since a gun case before the supreme court but now we've got a 5-4 conservative majority on court will that make a difference? >> we have a 5-4 conservative with kennedy siding for majority in the right to keep and bear arms is a natural personal
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right. not a collective right. in order to get justice kennedy's vote justice scalia had to throw in a line which basically said all of this is subject to reasonable regulations of local an state government. here in new york city, that regulation i would suggest to you is not reasonable and unreasonable, though, you have a license to own a gun in your home in new york, you can only carry gun from your home to one of seven fire -- government improved firing range it is in the city. you can't carry it outside the city. and you can't take it to another home. question -- does that interfere with your right to keep and bear arms? >> the supreme court has had this question put to it many too manies in past ten years they've refused to hear it until yesterday are. they've decided to hear it. justice kavanaugh who, of course, famously replaced justice kennedy has a far broader view of the right to keep and bear arms this is the bear part. what good is the gun keeping it
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if you can't bear it if you can't take it to be repaired you can't take it to practice in a place other than where the government wants you to go if you can't take it out of state? >> apart from which if i have a permit to carry a gun in new york city because i'm often carrying a lot of cash around. why can't i defend to carry my gun with me to defend myself? >> because city says it knows better and take care of you. well this is about a sword but this is theory the governments regulation of the supreme court. >> prediction -- the new york city ordinance will be invalidated with sweeping language that will change the law in all 50 states make it more difficult for government to interfere with right to bear. the government is already lost the right to product keep it is about to have its wings clipped on right to bear meaning to carry. >> wow that is fascinating so if you are a diamond merchant had. that gun is in your apartment it
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is not on your hip. what good is it if you're carrying diamonds and some knows about it and comes after diamonds and gun is disabled and bureau drawer rather than vainl for yours use that interferes with your right. counterargument not legalistic is do we want a whole bunch of gun on streets of crowded new york? >> that has been progressive argument in places like new york and -- new jersey. wrep, and chicago, and d.c. for many years and that argument is finally finally starting to lose. >> one quick question i've got 20 seconds. should a drone be classified as a weapon and therefore, subject to the authority of the government in regulation? >> after what we saw in newark airport yes so if i saw a drone coming at my farm i would take out a shotgun. [laughter] say this on television -- [laughter] >> i'll take my luck with a jury of farmers on that one. >> back in the 9:00 hour. thank you buys.
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thank you, sir. all right check out futures up about 180, and i'm going to give you now repeat of the -- of the new york drone story all incoming flights halted at newark airport last night a drone spotted flying over the runways think about it, anybody with a drone can create havoc more details coming up for you. [ phone rings ] hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yeah, i'm afraid so. knowing what's important to you... it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. that's what's important to us. it's why 7 million investors work with edward jones.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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all right like to do this as we run up to opening storkt how it will open lngd side we're going to be up across the board. and let's repeat this drone story real serious stuff. incoming flights halted at newark airport yesterday after a drone was spotted. take me through it. >> in fact two incoming flights coming into new york spotted the drone at about 3500 feet above the airport in northern new jersey which is on flight path as they come into newark. immediately incoming flights were stopped halted 5 p.m. in the afternoon one of the busiest rush hour times in the airport as it is on roadways same l for the airports. departing flights would not affect it. it was just incoming flights for about 30 minutes faa had to then divert other flight and hold back flights so come into newark to reare leave con yetion so drones whatever it was or the drone, was not found.
9:24 am
no one knows who it was -- operated by and can't come within five miles of an airport clearly in violation and reminds us and shutdown two and a half days heathrow shutdown for number of days and when i came down to the news my heart sunk because i was worried you know that what we saw in u.k. gives people ideas here. >> well it would frankly it was resolved in 30 minutes. how do you stop it? >> no idea. i have no idea. we've had some suggestions on this program, kind of dome or that's not a solution? >> anybody can create havoc with these things and that's a fact. >> hope that it can track these people quickly. >> now, christina you have some news on chick-fil-a had is not going to open its restaurant at the mercedes-benz stadium for the super bowl. >> huge deal but stucking to their principles they do it not
9:25 am
open on sundays. the company released a statement saying that they're going stick to their guns pretty much they're going to use day to rest and worship if they choose and encouraging others to do same and they don't open on sunday and losing a huge, however, there have been occasions opened on sunday during texas tornado 2015 they opened to serve free sandwiches and in atlanta stranded at the airport they open and then also last one with at the -- unfortunate shooting in orlando at the pulse nightclub they also opened to serve sandwicheses so they're sticking to their principles and encouraging others not to -- reminding them to worship and -- >> if they so choose. >> i approve i'm sure ashley does not. s investors don't. they can free to do whatever they want to do. look but investors know that they've got their principles. and they're still run that stock up very nicely. true. people like it. they can do it. great. >> no i'm sorry what am i thinking here? i'm very sorry. look at that. to change the subject.
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20 seconds to go and see how much of yesterday's loss will be
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reversed to the open bell down 301 points yesterday we closed at 24,400 we're expecting to open up over 200 point this morning. so in two second we'll piepgd out if much of the loss is being done. it is largely gone. now we're up look at that now 203 point right from the get-go 205 okay. holding a gain of 200 points 24,600. that is about .8%. show me the s&p 500 please. where are we? we're up about half percentage point. the dow is a better gain i'll say. how about the nasdaq? let's see what that's doing in first couple of seconds a nice gain of two-thirds of one percent and we've had had big names or already reporting their profits or already this morning. comst cast profits up. stocks up 3% proctor and gambling doing well a 4% gain
9:31 am
there and kimberly clark people are down nearly 4 nearly 5% and united technologies look at that. up -- very solid better than 5% gain. we better check parking lot big texts i think all down yesterday and all of them are up today apple at 154 apple 1653 facebook 147. alphabet up and microsoft back to 106 who is with me i'll tell you. eddy is here. shah gilani is here christina joins now. and ashley webster to boot what is issue facing market right now? is it earnings or is it china trade? eddy -- >> 100% china. that is the biggest issue right now in the market. that's the the reason why everyone is so worried about earnings for 2019 heading into this year is all a of the earnings called worries about tariff and trade if we get a trade deal with china, i think that's going to be the catalyst for next leg up for this market. but more importantly for the global economy as a whole. smg what's the most important
9:32 am
thing for the market earnings or china? >> this morning it is earnings but i agree with eddy it is china and i agree with him 100% if we get a positive note on some resolution market will go through heaven forbid nothing by the deadline it is anticipating that the donald trump needs to do something in order to push the market higher. if nothing whats i think this market has got a big tanking ahead of it. >> really -- if we have a deal -- >> with china it has to be china because everyone is watching china. all a of the investors are watching china if we get a deal market will go up another leg and set the stage for rest of the year. if we don't, and it's so negative that there is no chance of a resolution to this and trade tariffs turns into a trade war. market is going to tank. >> that pressure on mr. trump because one of the key point of earnings is guidance. we, you know, yes past earnings important but the guidance is critical until we sold the china issue that guidance is clouded it can't be that accurate.
9:33 am
to that point thus far we haven't seen that much of lewding to the china trade with the exception of apple. >> that's true. none of them have said hey had windchill out because it is china. and most of the earnings reports have been pretty good i think. most of them at least. most. >> i've got some numbers for you about how we feel about the economy in investing. a gallop poll says 48% of us are feeling more pessimistic about the economy. nearly half of us. where that comes from. up 12% from november. ouch, and boston consulting group says 73% of investors are worried about a recession. eddy comment please. looks like a bunch red flags to me. >> i love this. because when there's a lot of pessimism, that's just another case for my bullish reasoning for this market. in october i got a little bit cautious as my concerns was too much complacency in the market then we have this -- selloff in the fourth quarter now all of a sudden the world is coming to an end. it was oversold in december we
9:34 am
get the china deal. this secular market continues so i love pessimism. >> is that your quite a few in this studio she cringed when you said you love this stuff -- move quickly along here check the price of oil please. we were down to about 52 yesterday. where are we now? 53 dollar per barrel. and i have to tell you this, the price of gas is inching up again. 2.26 is national average. i don't like it -- [laughter] >> low. we're laughing at you. you're laugh willing you're like to see 15 a cents. yeah. when i first came to america there was gas wars. you know, that we won state at 25 a gallon and one with was 26 cents gallon and you go off to 25 cent a gallon. stop that, let's get serious. tesla, raising the price for a charge of their electric vehicles.
9:35 am
the stock crude oil would you down 9 bucks is it a good move to raise charge price? >> a terrible move but they need to that's why stock is down. i don't have position i'm going to take another shot at shorting again. i have been beaten up a couple of times heading down to 250 if it breaks 250, 240 and go below i think 190. >> oh. so we've got earnings coming up, i think elon musk has warning he's been talking about and don't expect profit we might have one and see if it is slim and also fact that you know he's -- going to need to raise capital he has a bond coming due and stock is way below 387 range where he's going to need to raise money, and it is this a huge problem for them. >> but that is a big deal for tesla to eat up a ton of their cash. >> and i think it is more than 900 million coming due to replace that with something. i don't know how debt market will feel about that. down 3% down to 289.
9:36 am
>> accelerating and average price right now they're predicting 225 dollars share. >> ouch. >> okay. check the big board because this is the high of the day. as with suggested almost all of yesterday's loss has been erased we're pup 272 points. look at this. better profit at ibm, okay revenue is down again. butted profit was up and stock is gain there of 7% that's big gain for ibm. e revenue falling short at capital one financial. what does that do to stock take it is down, 4.7%. then we have lowe's home improvement people now official sponsor of the nfl or one of the sponsors, it is a multiyear deal covered the super bowl and other events like annual draft, stocks taking it down what, about a third of within percent. what do you make of the strategy eddy? >> i think it is good from a branding perspective for them home depot is trying to make a real big push to get market share from home dough foe sorry
9:37 am
lowe's is so they're trying to go after the consumer that does a lot of their own renovations in their house and with housing market as low asking down, that could be an area that you can see untick because people are do more renovation to their home when market slows down on housing side. >> i'm not allowed inside a lowe's or pick up a screwdriver or hammer. >> i'm that bad. >> thank you christina qk to the show. great to have you. now this -- ups expanding keyless dropoff for packages that means -- they can drop off your package inside your home or apartment. so it doesn't get stolen when they leave it outside. s that's a direct shot at amazon isn't? >> amazon key that has a same tg but you can't get into the home only apartment buildings because they buzzed i know i live in apartment building they'll buzz every unit to get in so they can drop off the product so now they can have a key if -- if you choose to -- >> if you so choose. qow so choose?
9:38 am
>> well i let people in all of the time like water delivery ups delivery. fedex -- [laughter] i shouldn't say that on live television here's one of my favorite stories. global warming on the agenda. of course -- it always is. global elites gather there, of course. andand 1,500 jets expected. that will melt the snow in the alps all of that -- so laughable, though, isn't it? all up there they're of the world. >> very rich, very elite getting together to talk about poverty irony cannot be lost on anyone sure isly. [laughter] >> xepght -- i know cool like a john kerry what i like more is not taking helicopters from the airport where they're staying. because they can't get a spot in the city, though, so those are elite that get it right in the center. don't try to excuse them christina. but i'm not trying to show off i
9:39 am
have a better jet and you have plush seats and you've got leather. seriously -- davos this year is irrelevant. major leaders are are not there. mr. trump is not there xi jinping is not there. it's not relevant because it is for protesters. there will be. so what you've got is -- a bunch of people sharing sail idea and congratulating each other and leaving and oblivious to the real world. >> i think we'll leave it on that note shall we? oh, it is 9:40. [laughter] we have to say good-bye eddy thank you. sorry you made your good wife cringe there. watch yourself. [laughter] shah gilani is your name thanks for joining us. we have got a rally as we said almost completely erasing yesterday's loss we're up 250 at the moment that's a 1% gain. the coast guard still working during the shutdown not getting paid.
9:40 am
is the first time in history that act aive duty military personnel are not paid during a shutdown next a congressman who visits coast guard people how much pain are they feeling and what's he doing about his own pay? good story. he's coming up. something a little different professional boxer keith thurman son the show. defending his title in the big fight this weekend. he's not your typical boxer. he drives a prius studies yoga and plays the lute he's on the show. how about that? [laughter] this is must watch television, ladies and gentlemen. we will be back. our grandparents checked their smartphones
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. not quite the hist day but we'll take it with a gain of 240
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point, 24,260 is where we are. carter republican from georgia, mr. congressman welcome to the show good to see you, sir. >> thank you. you're one of the 100 members of congress who have rejected pay during the shutdown. tell us why you're doing that. >> well look if the hardworking federal employees in that district aren't going to get paid then i'm not either that's only fair. and it is very unfortunate we have a lot of -- federal employees in the first district we have the federal law enforcement training center down in glencoe and coast guard, in fact, i had opportunity to meet with members of the coasted guard yesterday and when a great group of professionals i'm telling you these professionals truly understand their mission. they fulfill their responsibilities they're not happy with not getting paid none of us are. but at the same time they are still there doing their job. day in and day out. >> i want to talk to you about the tweet that president trump just put out about unity in the
9:44 am
republican party of which you, of course, are a member. i want to read it to you i want to see this. great unity in the republican party. want to once and all put an end to stop a war crime on drugs border security and wall no doubt. now, the president saying look we've got unity in republican party. ishave you? is it locked tight solid behind the president? >> i would say yes. i would agree with the president. i think we are unified in this. we all all understand the importance. you know, we need to focus on the the issue here. the the issue is a porous border with gangs, criminals we have human trafficking all of these things that are impacting our society need to be stopped. i would consider it to be a crisis and yes i do believe that i'm sure there are few exceptions within the party but for the most part for the vast majority, i think we are unified in acknowledging that we need to
9:45 am
address this crisis and we need to do it now. >> are you prepared to make any confession whatsoever that president demands a wall with or a physical structure in and any demands over 5 billion dollars. would you full become on either demand? >> i'm sure that's up to the president but i would be -- i would be receptive to that, and the president has done his part. look, this is the way the process works. congress the legislative body, appropriate. when the executive branch when the president doesn't agree with it then we try to negotiate well if you've got to side that doesn't want to negotiate that takes a not one cent mentality or we're not going to allow this president to deliver on a campaign promise, then it doesn't work. this system has to work. we have to negotiate. there is a compromise out there. i can -- i can tell you it exist. >> we have the tsa sick out continuing problems at the airport as. we've got irs walkers reportedly
9:46 am
hundreds of them in a sick out that could interfere with tax refunds you yourself visited hard press coast guard people, i put it to you. there is enormous pressure to get this thing settled but yet, no movement. can't go on forever this thing. >> no it can't and that's why we need to be negotiating. that's why the president went on -- on tv in publicly last saturday and offered a solution. he's doing his part. he's negotiating, but democratic leadership and a the house and senate they're the ones who are not negotiating. that's not the way this system works. the system works is that you gorget and come it a xrieses. >> we're in dier straights here would you say that by the end of next week one week from now, for example, you think this will be over? >> listen i'm the eternal optimist yeah. i do believe that we can -- and again this is up to the democrats. this is up to their leadership. whether they decide okay we're
9:47 am
going to negotiate we're going bring this to an a end and address a problem that we acknowledge years ago when we voted for the qawl funding. yeah, they did that. and yet now all of a sudden it is not -- it's not a problem. and it is immoral are you kidding me, come on. >> congressman carter thanks very much for joining you surprised me, though, with a question. thank you very much for joining us we appreciate it. >> yes, sir. >> let's check that market again because we've got a niceup side move 250 points up, and we've got let's see now 24 of the dow 30 in the green. they are up. pretty much a gain across the board today. president trump tweeting out a very interesting poll has support among latinos hitting 50% now that's a big number. i want to know why it is so high. weal tell you after this. i don't know what's going on. i've done all sorts of research, read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
>> sound trumpets high of the day up 200 okay that was good. up 295 point we erased yesterdas loss in what what 21 minutes. not bad going. we're up across the board. let's have a look at the dow winners biggest winners amongst dow 30, they are ibm up 9% united tech 6%. procter & gamble 5%.
9:52 am
wal-mart is up. united health is up. those are some big winners right there. next, we've got not next, but later in the show. a piece of baseball history up for auction so on your screen now but ash tell me more. >> two basketball contracts signed by jackie robinson back in 1941 wibl the montreal roils and then again with the brooklyn dodgers now these are historic documents it was baseball not only just no mentis moment but found in a safe dost box by brooklyn by the way awe thengt kateed and they rare document expert believes they could be valued at 36 million dollars. the opening bid, by the way, will be 5 million. those contracts will be on -- the set. 1945 with royals 1947 with the brook lienal dodgers. >> those contracts on the set
9:53 am
and golden auction guy, and they'll tell us all it be. that's quite something really is high. now president trump is being tweeting about his support of polling support amongst latinos. look at this. nprpbs poll shows president trump's approval rating among latinos going to 50% that's an increase in one year of 19%. thank you. working hard. that's the presidential tweet. what a surprise, joining us now is daniel gaza president of the libra initiative i call that a conservative latino group. next up there. >> conservative group. okay. [laughter] 50% support among latinos to president trump explain it. and the community record labor participation rate record home ownership wageses are up, record increases annually or for the latino community so expanding
9:54 am
opportunities. latinos self-identify more conservative than they do liberal or moderate according to a poll and historic. you were surprised you have to admit it was a shock pool. it is but as a conservative who loves the president's decision on the supreme court, on less taxes on less regulations pro energy, i'm glad to see that. but it is border wall in immigration that has so many people thinking that latinos oppose the president. >> people forget that the president was elected on basically a very much on that promise that he was going to enhance border security is part of it being infrastructure along the border. i'm from texas i live on the border. i appreciate my security. >> could it be that many latinos already living here do not like the idea of people coming across the border undocumented some of them criminal some of them gang members do they not like illegals? >> there are -- americans overall not just latinos. are the most compassionate
9:55 am
generous people in the world. but they also like order. we get to choose who comes into our country, and so in this order what they want is expanded security. so this is a priority for the latino community too. and when they see the president acting on behalf of the country to enhance board security that's important but the president should also heed that -- the other priority is that vast number of americans not just latinos want to see thing permanent a permanent solution for the daca community so they want to see both solutions taken care of. >> will the democrats lose the support of latinos if they continue to iger ignore dreamers and do down interests. >> will be wise to remember what abraham lincoln said this was a country of the people by the people and for the people. not of the party and by the party and for the party. so you have to listen to what the american people are telling you and they're telling you they want more border security they want also a permanent solution
9:56 am
for daca community, and what i mean by a permanent solution is they're tired of these young kids who are brought here to -- the decision was made for them that you don't have to keep, keeping consequences for actions of their parents we want something that is going to give them certainty in their lives that is long-term so they can contribute to america like in millions of immigrants have done of before and current is is bad. it is great to hear you say that. i'm an immigrant i've been taking some stick actually. [laughter] dan thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. all right the incident involving the students fueled by social media -- by social media frankly and what i call misinformation frankly i think it is a disgrace you'll hear my take and opinion on that in the top of the next hour. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
9:57 am
on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad. . .
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10:00 am
stuart: exposed, the pernicious influence of social media and the eager to hate left. i'm talking about the covington catholic high school in kentucky and the deliberate destruction of young men's lives. if there was ever a teaching moment, this is it. saturday, a brief video emerged on twitter. it showed an elderly native-american surrounded by young white men, some wearing maga hats. immediate charges of racism. nathan phillips told "the washington post," he was swarmed by teenagers chanting build that wall. he told the "detroit free press," the young men were beasts praying on a group of black protesters. liberals had a field day. they indicted president. sunday a longer video emerged showed the truth. nathan phillips approached the young men, not the other way
10:01 am
around. black hebrew israelites were chanting racial epithets. remind me of duke lacrosse players terrorized by the media. these days we have social media to encourage lies and hate. twitter took down the original short video but did not take down the posts of trump haters. so-called comedienne kathy griffin wants personal information of young men to be publicized so they are can be terrorized and they have been. twitter didn't take that down. reza aslam, posted that the young men had punchable face. not taken down. social media has been taken over by trump haters. the mainstream media eagerly jumped on board. disgraceful. that's "varney & company."
10:02 am
♪ . stuart: we come back a little. we were up nearly 300. now we're up 260. that is a 1% gain. we will take it. check out these four dow stocks. ibm, united technology, proctor & gamble, boeing, all of them up sharply, all of them helping drive the dow up. ibm and utx, proctor & gamble, up on earnings. boeing on trade optimism, actually. how about those big tech names? all of them were down yesterday, all of them except facebook up today. facebook is a loser. down a dollar at 1.46. the rest of them up. to the shutdown, what have we got here? jack hough, senior editor, "barron's" magazine is with us now. let me tell you this, jack. this is coming at us here. kevin hassett white house economic advisor says growth for the overall economy could be zero if the shutdown lasts this
10:03 am
entire quarter. what do you say to that? >> that is not a very pleasant thought for investors. i got to tell you, that comes at a time when corporate earnings estimates have fallen off a cliff for the first half of this year. now we're in earnings season for the fourth quarter. we already know those numbers will be good, right? , when you look at first quarter, short while ago, a few months ago, we were looking high single-digit growth this year that would have been fine. the market is trading 15 times earnings, that is ordinary price. that is ordinary growth. estimates fallen for the first quarter of 2019 are looking for 2%. second quarter for 3% i'm not sure that is quite enough growth. we're not at end of the quarter yet. we have to see what happens, by the end of the first quarter we cohave estimates calling for earnings decline which i think no one is really pricing in right now. i think market will not -- i'm not saying it is going to happen. that is the way the forecasts are trending. stuart: forecasts could be defensive. you play something down,
10:04 am
hopefully you can beat the expectations. >> a good point. like for the fourth quarter, wall street says 14%. everybody knows we'll come in three or four points higher than that so we, upside surprises are no longer that surprising companies companies manage expectticses. numbers generally come in ahead. i think a lot hinges on what that growth will look like this year. stuart: kevin hassett says there will be a trade deal with china by march the 1st. that is it what he said, flat-out there. maybe the market is focusing on that, we're up 270. >> you get short term movements. i think that is shiny object in the foreground investors are watching. equal at least as important, maybe more important is what is going on in the background with the trend for growth. this march, you know we talk about super bowl soon. we'll talking about march madness, basketball tournament. there is march madness coming for investors we have government shut down could roll into
10:05 am
deadline for the debt ceiling. we have brexit and wee have china trade. big deadlines for all of these things in the month of march. going to be pivotal for investors. stuart: i got to tell you i really doubt if this thing doings on the first quarter that you will have 0% growth for economy. i doesn't that. >> it is both sides, trying to make the other side feel pain, and investors are stuck in the middle wondering which way it will turn right now. hopeful for a deal. these are three big issues that need to be resolved in a sensible way by march. for this market to continue to head higher. stuart: got it, jack hough. thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: let's get to politics. far-left freshmen in congress
10:06 am
receiving key assignments on the house oversight committee and also on the house financial services committee too. james pindle, political reporter for "the boston globe.." james, i see real trouble here. radicals on the, on the oversight committee. radicals on the financial oversight committee. aoc, tlaib, i see this as a problem. what do you see? >> when you look in the house oversight committee it is pretty much a grandstanding committee ever since dan burton held it in the clinton administrations. republicans leading it, democrats leading it. while it is accountability committee by definition this has really been a grandstanding sort of a showy committee to hold the administration accountable depending who is in office. whether or not anything gets done in that committee, particularly with divided government in that committee but certainly there will be a lot of
10:07 am
headlines coming out of it. stuart: i want to talk to but the 2020 race as well. i have your latest headline and it reads, elizabeth warren new hampshire swing is about poaching bernie sanders's base. is she succeeding? >> to a degree yes, she is. there is a lot of deep questions whether or not bernie sanders should run. that particular story looked at the new hampshire where bernie sanders won by 23 points over hillary clinton. anyone, even a moderate to do well in new hampshire primary will have to win over bernie sanders supporters. right now we're trying to figure out the different lanes ever since liz about the warren come in the race on december 31st, we have one candidate come into the race every 3.1 days. obviously senator harris came in on monday. we have two on this week. this will be a wild primary to see exactly how these candidates move to the left, which is obviously the dynamic in this
10:08 am
democratic primary as well as actually who can stand out from the crowd. stuart: i don't see many moderates running. i see a lot of people on the left and dragging the whole party to the left? >> you know what is interesting about that? i accept your premise. what is interesting about that you may have so many progressive or self-styled progressive playing to the base they could take up the bigger slice of the pie. that is a moderate is the one who could be left with a bigger voting bloc. maybe even mike bloomberg for example, to throw out a name that could appeal to a more moderate democrat would play better because he has more of a chunk, because everyone else is splitting up the pie. stuart: i didn't think billionaires are very popular in the democrat party? >> they are not. if there is one, running on one particular angle. look what happened to donald trump in 2016. he was throughout almost all of the primary season, 70% of the republicans picked the different candidate. he had a solid 30% definitely with him.
10:09 am
the same dynamic could happen on democratic side. mike bloomberg is not aligned where the democratic party is in 2020 but he may have that solid chunk on his behalf. stuart: he has $20 billion. that doesn't hurt. >> i hear you. stuart: jack, thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: get back to my editorial let loose at top of the hour, social media spreading hate and misinformation in the covington incident. ash, kristina, i don't know how you stop this but i find that covington situation absolute disgrace. you want to chime in? ashley: absolutely. the problem is, once the detractors are desperately looking anything to latch on to, they are easily manipulated. social media, editing of video can be incredibly misleading. looking at something, declaring outrage and taking it to the innth degree when we found out there was a lot more to the story, that is often the case.
10:10 am
stuart: destruction of young men's lives is appalling. >> it is opportunity where people rushing to judgment. that is what we're seeing too often. it is social stereotyping we're seeing to fit whichever narrative. from the left side, look, they're wearing maga hats. from the right, liberals rushing to judgment right away. issue for everybody, journalists, this should be a pivotal moment you don't take something at face value. literally like a sound bite in somebody's interview. it is 10 seconds, when you need to know the entire picture. it is unfortunate everyone wants to rush and publish first. ashley: it will not change. it will not change. we would like world peace. that will not happen either. it is reality. >> journalists, watching the situation, executive producers and maybe i should double-check. ashley: no. >> they are quick to forget. ashley: it creates a wave whatever it is. no one can stop the wave. the way it is. >> we can. ashley: you can try but good
10:11 am
luck, good luck. >> i will try my best. stuart: journalists didn't in the covington situation. >> i know. a lot of people were quick to judge. stuart: people piled in there disgracefully. now this, vice president pence declaring america's unwavering support for the opposition in venezuela, opposition to president nicolas maduro. protesters take to the streets today. our next guest says today is do-or-die for the opposition. big deal. the country she says, has erupted. i want to know what the end game is. maybe we're close? mexico trying to fast track humanitarian visas as the migrant caravan heads our way through mexico. president trump says build a wall and crime will fall. we're on the story. plus we really do cover it all on "varney." later this hour i will be joined by keith thurman, he is a boxing champ defending his title this weekend but he is not your typical boxer. in his spare time he does yoga, he studies religion, he plays
10:12 am
the lute. you only get this stuff on "varney." ♪ ♪. was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. the new 2019 c-class family. lease the c 300 sport sedan for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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stuart: very big gain for that stock. now this. vice president pence urging people of venezuela to rally against their current president, nicolas maduro. roll tape. >> nicholas ma during roy is a dictator, with no legitimate
10:16 am
claim to power. he has never won the presidency in a free and fair election. and he has taken mained his group of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him. stuart: now let's bring in mariance stacia o'grady, columnist for "the wall street journal" this is your turf. you're saying this is make-or-break day, do-or-die for the opposition in venezuela. make your case? >> well this is what i'm being told for the opposition. let's establish first of all, january 23rd is important day for venezuela. it is the day in 1958 they told the last dictator he had to go. they poured out in the streets, they said no more. that is for sure why the president of the national assembly elected, has chosen today to have this rally, to call the venezuelans to the street. he will be sworn in as president. i think what the plan is, they
10:17 am
will go to the palace where the dictator is, tell him his lease is up, and he is being evicted that. >> is serious stuff. people of venezuela marching on the president. >> they have done this many times in the last 20 years. the question is, what will the military do, that is the key question. lots of people. i have my ear to the ground there, are saying that the military will take the side of the people, the reason is simple. you have children, their bones are showing. the starvation, malnutrition, the disease, treatable diseases, the country is just at its wit's end. it is saying no more. this is do-or-die. they're very determined. people said a lot of them are willing to die, but the question is again, which side will the military take? let's not forget that the cubans have infiltrated the military, they have cyber control of the country and so forth. still, the people that i'm
10:18 am
talking to are saying, that enough of the people in the military side are going to break with maduro because they have families too. they have seen their country go down the drain. stuart: we've had you on the show, many, many times, i always ask the same question, when does it end, how does it end? >> stuart, you're one of the few people who continue to care about this case. it is a big deal. stuart: they're virtual neighbors. >> heartbreaking, 30 million people living in squalid conditions. it is awful. stuart: this could be the day when it ends? >> it could be. there are other things that could happen. it could be partial break with the military. in which case i would anticipate a lot of violence. there might be, fighting and don't forget also that the cubans have trained paramilitary squads. chavez bought 100,000 kalashnikovs from russia and he distributed them to his paramilitary. what will these guys do? will they try to go after the crowds? in the past they used sniper
10:19 am
fire to kill people marching in tennis shoes. they have been very brutal. the question is, today will the military take the side of the venezuelaian people say you know what? this is enough. we'll go with interim president. we'll have new, fair elections. we'll try to start over? or will the military side with cuba, side with the dictatorship and gun people down in the streets? that is the test. i have a feeling it will be some mix of that. so if that is what happens there will be violence because those, the two sides will clash. but i don't, sorry, just one more point, i don't think it is sustainable, the current situation just because the entire country, super poor neighborhoods which were supporters of hugo chavez. last night there was, they set on fire a big statue of hugo chavez in the state of bolivar. they're taking down chavez symbols. they're very angry. i'm talking about the real
10:20 am
people in the barrios. not the elites which of course were the initial ones went against this 21st century socialism. stuart: mary, thank you very much for pointing out the significance of the day and the drama involved today. please come back soon, tell us what is going on. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: thank you. stay with fox business because trish regan will interview vice president pence this evening, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. do not miss that one, 8:00 p.m. eastern time, fox business. check the market again. we still have a 200 point gain, about 20 minutes ago we were up 300. we have come down a little bit. still a solid gain. 24,600 is the level. ♪
10:21 am
10:22 am
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10:24 am
stuart: there is now a lawsuit from the no-call heard 'round the world idea. you remember that one? ashley: yes. stuart: is this saints fans, saints fans going to court what do they want. ashley: two sees san ticketholders, roger good dole, range of damages, mental anguish, distrust of the game which has become the national pastime. there is also this, there is a petition out there, 600,000 supporters demanding a rematch. saving it is only fair solution to this travesty of 7 pick proportions. stuart: i say that is nonsense. ashley: it is nonsense. we know it is legitimate, there was a blown call. it changed the whole course of the game but it is not going to be replayed. that is the end of it. stuart: that is sports. you can't do that. >> on a billboard, someone put
10:25 am
nfl blew it. ashley: in atlanta. where the super bowl is playing. stuart: there its on the screen. ashley: with a french -- stuart: okay. by the way the super bowl is it in atlanta of course. the chick-fil-a inside of the mercedes-benz stadium will not be open on gameday. because it is sunday? >> yes. because the company chooses not to open on sundays. they're sticking with their plan. their stance. they believe that sundays for them, this is the founders are very religious, a day of worship. the company is stuck with this. there have been occasions where they came forward opened on a sunday. usually some type of major catastrophe or event, hurricane in texas. they opened in 2015. you have atlanta airport, the shutdown, they gave food. and then there was also the shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. they also provided sandwiches. offering to forfeit all the income they make on february 3rd. stuart: standing on principle? >> exactly. stuart: right.
10:26 am
four progressive democrats appointed to the house oversight committee. they're about russia, russia, blocking president trump, resisting president trump. do they have any real power? i will ask another republican who is on the committee in our next hour. home sales dropping to a three-year low. not good. we covered the weak housing market on the program. i want to know what is really behind this weakness. we'll have answers for you too. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
♪ ashley: i got it. do i get a prize? stuart: no you don't get a prize. ashley: thanks very much. stuart: you get to come back on
10:30 am
the show. you guessed correctly. ashley: that is the greatest prize of all. stuart: baby, you can drive my car. no, you can't. check the big board. we cut the gain in half. let's see now, about 45 minutes ago we were up 300. we're up 160. it is still a nice gain. we'll still take it. how about the big tech names? last time we checked, facebook was down, and it is still down, everything else is up. amazon, apple, alphabet, microsoft. all on the upside. talking technology. this is old tech, okay? strong earnings report. that stock is up nearly 8%. going the other way, capital one, revenue falling short. down it goes to the tune of 6%. i will stay on the markets because our next guest was on the show last week. it brought positive market predictions with him. marc chandler is the man. are you still optimistic,
10:31 am
mr. chandler? >> still optimistic. we had a set back yesterday. but since the set back yesterday we had ibm earnings. we had some sense congress may have a vote tomorrow, maybe getting over this shutdown and we had positive news on the trade front i think. stuart: china trade, is that the biggest, most important story for increasetores? >> i think so in the short run. in the very near term, yes. ecb meeting and. stuart: our audience doesn't have a clue what the ecb is, a frankly don't care? >> i'meer so, european central bank. things are more negative in europe. draghi is giving signals they might ease policy later in the year. stuart: might simulate? >> stimulate in long-term loans. the federal reserve is still shrinking the balance sheet. maybe pausing on rates. shrinking balance sheet. ecb likely to ease policy. stuart: haven't the europeans run out of ammunition? ashley: i -- >> i thought we would not mention the fed.
10:32 am
stuart: we brought them into the conversation. i will roll tape with kevin hassett, top economic guy of president. roll tape. >> could we get zero growth, kevin. >> first quarter, first quarter has tended to be weak recently. it is called residual seasonality. it is true typically weak first quarter, and have extended shutdown, we could have a shutdown that is real low. >> could we get zero growth. >> if opens -- >> can we get zero growth? >> yes. we could. >> wow. >> it is extended for the whole quarter, if it extended for the whole quarter, given the fact the first quarter tend to be low because of residual seasonnalty, could you end up close to zero in the first quarter. stuart: there you go, zero growth in the economy if the shutdown, she is still talking. shut down lasts until the end of the first quarter. what do you make of that. >> yeah, if it end to the end of
10:33 am
the quarter, things are bad. it is more embarrassing than long economic impact. stuart: you don't think it will have that big of an impact on the economy? is he exaggerating? >> i think really depends how long the shutdown lasts of the government estimates at about one point, 0.13% a week off gdp. we're down for seven weeks already. almost a percent off gdp. we're looking 2 1/2%. we're looking 1 1/2 now. stuart: why are you still so positive? if it is having impact of economy. >> takes away the economy from the first quarter. all the things come back from the second quarter. all the ipos, people get paychecks, go shopping. all this sufficient is really borrowing, taking away we get it back. stuart: all right. let's be hypothetical, let's speculate wildly. >> shall we? stuart: why not. suppose we get a trade deal by march the 1st. some kind of a deal. doesn't have to not be all encompassing, handshakes all
10:34 am
around, the government reopens, how high does the dow go? we're at 24,000 five. >> i think we go back to the record highs. stuart: 26 and change. >> i think 2900 on s&ps. the confidence in the u.s. economy looks so much better than europe and japan. bank of japan cut the growth forecast and inflation forecast. we're still the driest towel in the rack. stuart: driest towel on the rack. ashley: least used shirt. stuart: only game in town. can we say that? >> i like that. stuart: sir, mr. chandler, thanks for joining us, i will see how this all works out. now this, not good news for the housing market, existing home sales, the number down to a three-year low. come in matt is hb ia, ceo and president of united wholesale mortgage. matt is the mortgage guy. let's be clear. tell me why the housing market is weak at the moment? >> i think it is just affordability. you know the market, the rates
10:35 am
are going up, we've seen that, and we think that will continue to happen through the year and housing values were really high all last year. we're seeing softening. i think the market is slowing down. maybe a good time to buy, almost turning into a buyers market where the last year plus was a sellers market in my opinion. stuart: is there another problem here, student debt? that is huge overhang for first-time buyers, millenials, that is a problem, isn't it? >> the big reason why millenials don't buy a home, don't understand the down payment, maybe i have to bring 10, 20%, you can get it for cheaper than that. absolutely. majority of houses are bought with 3, 5, 10% down when everyone thinks 10, 20, 30% down. with that plus student loan debt. they don't know there is opportunity. you know what they do? stay on the side continue to rent. that is slowing housing. first-time home buyers slowed
10:36 am
with that in mind. i think -- stuart: you would give a youngster a loan, give them a mortgage, if they only put down 3%? >> fha has done 3 1/2% forever. va for veterans is no money down. stuart: so the secondary guys would buy the mortgage you originated? >> it's a huge part of the market. thinking 20% down is almost not the best choice. having cash in your pocket, ability to handle different things when you're a first-time homebuyer is key. you have to find a mortgage ex-pet to educate you on it so you can figure out your options. people think 20% down, big bank, 3, five, 10% down, talk to a local mortgage broker you find the option works best for your family. stuart: if i put 3% down you will charge much higher rate than 20% down. >> that is what you would think. that is not the case. with mortgage insurance, anything less than 20% down through fannie and freddie, you don't get a higher rate. maybe talks about hundreds of
10:37 am
thousands, thousand dollars difference in fees, i tell you not a big of a deal. i recommend to my own brother, even though you have 20% down, put it in your pocket. something invested for rainy day. people don't know, 5% down, 3% down, 10% down is the norm. it is a safe loan with credit scores and qm out there with fannie and freddie. stuart: can you make getting a mortgage easier? jumping through hoops of fire when you go the to bank with all the paperwork. plowing through the electronic stuff, it is murder. >> it is getting a lot easier. stuart: no it is not. >> i really think you have to talk to an expert. people think i can do it myself. you can't do a mortgage itself. not bike -- like buying a airline ticket. closes loan 15, 20, 30 days max. it is happening. you have to find the right person than going on line, sigh the commercial, going after the
10:38 am
commercial. stuart: we hear you mat. >> thanks for having me. stuart: you come on back. i'm interested in this. appreciate it. >> thanks. stuart: i have a negative headline about tesla, that would be. >> housing, tesla. stuart: negative headline on tesla. downgraded by rbc to underperform. the stock is down, nearly about four or five bucks. they report profits ahead of next week. >> january 30th. soon ahead of the schedule. not just rbc, a lot of analysts voicing their opinion, worried about tesla, elon musk alluded to the fact they may make a small profit for the fourth quarter, when the third quarter was a surprise profit, historic moment according to him. a lot of investors are looking for is there continued demand for the model 3, model s? that is a major concern. their money, cash on hand.
10:39 am
been doing all kind of things. raising price of supercharging. raising price of higher-end vehicles. lowering to have a base model 35,000. they're cutting staff. getting rid of referral programs. a lot to look at for this company. a lot of confusing heads amongst investors about sustainability of it. stuart: in the past few days the stock has gone from 350 to 288. ashley: a lot of smoke and mirrors feels like. stuart: drop and a half. ashley: yes. stuart: now this, we have a headline, it caught our eye, the headline is, trump is daring to clean up the establishments biggest messes, they hate him for it. steve hilton wrote that. he will make his case in our next hour. day 33 of the government shutdown, the migrant caravan gaining new members, forging, heading north. president trump says build a wall, crime will fall. we're on the migrant story. ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ ashley: market watcher dennis gartman earnings have been positive, but investors are more focused on china trade talks. roll tape. >> i think the china story probably has greater standing pressure, standing power for the next two months, three months. the earnings numbers look backward. china looks forward.
10:42 am
i'm a little concerned. i wish we would sit down and have more viable talks for the chinese. i wish we hadn't seen the remarks from china come out yesterday concerning huawei. i think china story has greater legs than one stay of earnings. those are great earnings, however. ♪ they say a picture's worth 1000 words. well, for me, it's worth a heck of a lot more. see that artery? almost completely blocked. why anyone isn't getting preventive screening is beyond me. for a better picture of your health, get screened by life line screening. we've made it quick, easy and affordable. if you're over 40, call to schedule an appointment for 5 painless screenings that go beyond annual checkups. there's a family history of these things,
10:43 am
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10:44 am
stuart: we've lost much of the gain but we're still up nicely, 142 points higher. the level of the dow, 24,500. i have got some winners among the dow 30. they are ibm, united tech, proctor & gamble, cisco, walmart especially ibm is up 7 1/2%. the latest on the new migrant caravan. thousands seeking asylum from mexico. some entered mexico legally. the mexican government gave them humanitarian visas to get into the country. now they're heading north to our southern border. pete hegseth is with us, the co-host of the fine show, "fox & friends weekend" which i occasionally appear on. >> almost more than occasionally. every weekend. our viewers love you. stuart: look, the approaching caravan, another one, doesn't that put some pressure at leave
10:45 am
on nancy pelosi to get out there to do something about border security? >> it should. it is not just this caravan. the one behind it. there is another one behind that couple days. in is another one, flyers are going out for february for another caravan. they're coming right now it is open. they fear some day it could be closed. it should put pressure on nancy pelosi but only pressure she feels is from her base, her left-wing base. she needs to be seen as leader of resistance. she hates president trump. she knows the left hates president trump. she won't walk into the room with him or have a conversation. she is in a box, put into the box by the left and no amount of evidence will change that i was down on the border, security, a couple weeks ago. where the walls are they absolutely work. doesn't mean they're 100% effective all the time. someone could dig under or climb over but prevents 90% of what happened before. where there is no wall, people come on through. they have changed their position because of resistance to trump. stuart: i just can't believe the american people will say, okay, here come two, three, four
10:46 am
caravans, we'll deal with it when they arrive, we won't do anything about a structure for border security? i can't believe americans buy that. >> i don't they do. you saw increase in hispanic support for trump since the shutdown. stuart: 50%. >> went up 19 percentage points, up to 50%. those came here legally said everyone else should to. this is place into president trump's hands by 2020. it should be solved by then. unfortunately i don't think it will be. the shutdown will not resolve the issue. can you imagine those debates where robert francis or pocahontas or number of them say i don't want a wall i think all human beings are legal. and i want open borders. how does that play against the idea that our communities are ravaged by drugs, gang violence remain as problem and we don't know who is coming into our country. i don't want it to be political but it eventually will become political again. stuart: when we start seeing polls blaming the democrats for
10:47 am
this shut down of the government, it is at that point that you get some serious movement. >> that is when shutdowns end, when one side realizes they're losing in court of public opinion. when either side feels like they're losing, for the most part they want to keep bases happy. rightfully so. he knows who elected him. stuart: what a mess. >> i love it. keep it shut down. let it be shut down. go to the airport a little bit earlier. everything will be fine. no, really, these people will get back pay and they should for that service. you talked to the border patrol agents on border. they are saying i will do my jobs for months and months i will be made whole eventually. not everybody says that i see head shaking. stuart: i am immigrant. i'm with you. hardcore hegseth, ladies and gentlemen. >> better than pancake meet which is my morning nickname. i take that. stuart: come back soon, pete. thank you, sir. we're changing things up a bit this morning.
10:48 am
i will talk to a profession boxer. his name is keith thurman. he is defending his title this weekend. this is not of average boxer. in the spare time he studies religion, he plays the lute. he practices yoga. he is fun. ashley: all at same time. stuart: there he is. [laughter]
10:49 am
♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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10:52 am
stuart: yes, a sports alert. here we go. yankees closing pitcher mariano rivera immortalized in the baseball hall of fame. he got unanimous approval. never seen that before. his family absolutely ecstatic. as you can see. why not? he is a good man. special piece of sports history up for auction, that is jackie robinson's original contract. this piece of paper broke the color barrier in baseball, one of the most important documents in sports, maybe in american history too. we'll have that thing, on set, live in our next hour. all good stuff. now this, still on sports, our next guest is a boxer. is a welterweight world champ,
10:53 am
undefeated. 22 kos, get this. this man plays the flute and i'm told occasionally drive as prius? put him on camera, keith thurman, with us today, belt included. welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. it's a pleasure. stuart: are you masquerading as not a typical boxer, do you really drive a prius? >> after my first hbo fight i made $125,000. i told myself you're not allowed to buy anything but a toyota prius, it has been giving me good gas mileage ever since. stuart: what is the growing ba thing. >> yoga is great for all athletes. i find it harder than boxing. not easy to touch my toes. i love yoga. i love philosophy. i'm into world religions, buddhism, hinduism, original christianity. i'm just diverse, a little outside of the box thinking. i dropped out of high school but
10:54 am
that doesn't mean you can't be self-educated in life sir, that really you? is that who you really are? or is this a image because you're putting out there because it is attractive to be the alternative to a regular boxer? >> well if i cared about my image i would have a million followers on instagram. i'm really not that kind of guy. i love to be myself, down-to-earth. borne and raised clearwater, florida, my original trainer, raised me and trained me from age of 20, he passed away, a vietnam veteran. i wear his name on my trunks. he made me the champion i am today. don't forget where you come from. i like being me not nor anybody else. stuart: could you care to tell me how much money you made? this is financial program. we're interested in a man's money. >> seven figure pay days. stuart: trying to do the math. seven-figure pay days.
10:55 am
>> over a million dollars,. stuart: per fight? >> per fight. stuart: you we started doing that four years ago. stuart: you're doing well. what do you do with your money. >> go on vacation. extravagant -- stuart: you can't spend a million dollars on a vacation. >> no you can't, you have to keep some in the bank. stuart: are you investing any of the money? >> we're working on some investments. real estate is a go-to for most people. it is a go-to for me. you have to find the right buys. it would be nice another cash for me. i'm just saying i need, i can take some foreclosures right now but all the foreclosures seem to be getting bought up so. stuart: now you're fighting in brooklyn this weekend. >> barclays. stuart: barclays arena. >> it will be my fourth appearance at barclays. i love when we're back in brooklyn.
10:56 am
i'm fighting jose lopez. this is 22-month return. i have suffered injuries. i've been out of the ring. this is important get-back fight. it is important to for fans to remember who keith one time thurman is. it is a tough fight. stuart: you are the world welterweight champion. >> super welterweight, if you want to get technicals on titles. manny pacquiao is the regular champion. i'm super champion. i don't walk around with an s on my chest. stuart: we'll take a prius-driving, flute-playing yoga guy any day. >> tune in saturday night on fox. stuart: what time? >> late night. stuart: not too late for me. put it there, lad. thank you very much indeed. great to see you. i say it will take, i say this all the time. you raise taxes and people move. they leave. and that is exactly what is happening. millionaires are leaving
10:57 am
high-taxed states in droves and we have the numbers for you. back in a moment. ♪ ..
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11:00 am
stuart: the new jersey new york city area lost 5700 millionaires in 2018. that's according to a research firm at a time when the number of millionaires is rising, why is the number of millionaires around here falling? the new tax law answers to so many times on this program, if you earn good money and you live in a high-tech state, you are going to pay heavily and it's hitting right now. this is tax time, filing time in new jersey terminator, california, you are going to get a shot.
11:01 am
your federal tax bill will go up. an estimated 10% on all households in new jersey will pay more. that is why so many millionaires are they being. jump across the state line to pennsylvania and your tax bill goes down. many of those 1% thursday as to give the next refund will be very disappointed even though the highest tax rate went down, they will be spending more money to the treasury, not getting money back. now we are seeing the result. a mass exodus. 5700 millionaires left in new jersey, new york city area and one year in the exodus will probably get stronger appeared after all, what's the choice. wait for the day when high-tech dates cut taxes? dream on. keep on paying through the nose? are the attractive when half your income is confiscated. if you can, you move.
11:02 am
the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ well, i live in new jersey so you heard my rant. come on in, ryan pain, pain capital management president. you know where i'm coming from here. the 1% there's will get murdered at tax time this year. >> they really are. above and beyond your tested this being a new jersey resident is real estate taxes are extremely high anyway. my planning practice for anyone getting near retirement how they can downsize them at the state to avoid the carrying costs you have just been in new jersey anyway. stuart: you talk about state taxes. >> yeah, definitely high. >> your advisor clients that they can go. florida, tennessee, wherever, go. that's your advice?
11:03 am
>> economically speaking and makes the most sense. stuart: i don't think there's any way around the high taxes being paid in new jersey, connecticut, new york, et cetera, et cetera. no way around that. >> it would be very hard to do in states like that or any state anyway. sure into it not going to happen. if you're waiting for taxis to go down in the states, dream on. if they cannot happen, is it? >> tremont is exactly right. got to start planning. stuart: i want to talk about the market. i want to check the big board. it is off its highs of the day, but we still have 99, 100 points. just check facebook for a moment. that stock is down earlier, down to 145. down $2 today. please check local for me before we continue with ryan here. google is down some more.
11:04 am
not much. 1077. the ryan, you like facebook and you like google. explain yourself. >> okay, first i think about it this way. they both exceeded tv is advertising that runs last year. advertising is going where the eyeballs are going and according to google, facebook. also, google and youtube, which is usually the younger generation. they're watching youtube. stuart varney youtube channel, it's coming. stuart: does say that. >> only joking. facebook also and instagram inflates themselves at the millennial generation. they have a lot of powers when it comes to eyeballs. stuart: all this bad publicity about big brother type of thing. that doesn't concern you? >> authority priced into the market. because of all those issues. now they're a lot cheaper than
11:05 am
they've been. stuart: 73% of investors are worried about a recession. that's according to the boston consulting group. 73% of investors. >> i'm not afraid you're the reason being that space right now. three by 7% unemployment is the lowest we've had in 50 years. that's incredible. most forecast for economic growth this year over 2%. maybe it's modest growth this year but i'm very hard-pressed to see those economics ever going into some sort of recession. stuart: so you're not concerned. a recession is not out there for you. >> my bigger concern is everyone is discounting a slower growth. the economy is a lot stronger than everybody thinks. stuart: interesting. ryan, sorry it was so short. we appreciate it. let's get to politics. freshman congressman alex andrea
11:06 am
ocasio-cortez and rashida kelly joined the house oversight committee. joining us now is tennessee congressman and house oversight committee member, mark green. welcome to the program. radicals during the same committee that you're on. >> thanks for having me on the show. you're not taking very objective people to be on government oversight. that's for sure. one of the members have said let's impeach and you know the rest of the quote. so it's going to be very interesting. stuart: do they have power to affect our economy? >> they are absolutely going to tie you appear the investigations happening, the committee is going to be tied up and it's not doing stuff that it should be doing and that is looking into being transparent with the operations of government. whether that impacts the economy i doubt it.
11:07 am
but we'll have lots of investigations and the oversight committee. stuart: the shutdown in day 33. you have examples of how republicans than the president have in the past come across the aisle, across the line. tell me. >> even when the schumer shutdown happen, we reached 700,000 in later the democrats wouldn't do anything then. we came back with 1.8 million. democrats did nothing then. senator cruz and congressman meadows came out but then after to fix the splitting of families at the border. the democrats would negotiate. there's no promise if we open the government though come to the table. they just haven't in the past. it's appropriate to judge people by their actions. stuart: what do you say to this? the shutdown ends when polls show people blaming the democrats. >> i would agree with that statement. we are getting close to that. the cbs poll showed 52% of americans -- 52% of democrats
11:08 am
are comfortable with spending the money for the wall. that is a movement of the needle and as people understand what the president's plan with 2000 more long for and officers are taking a million dollars for humanitarian aid. thousand more apartment complexes. when people know exactly what the plan is, they are on board. >> 50% of people -- 50% latino support the president in another new poll. i'm out of time, but thanks for joining us today. see you again soon. teachers in the los angeles area are returning to work today after a weeklong strike. the school district in the union includes a 6% pay raise, a cap on class sizes and more nurses and counts lawyers at schools. denver teachers voted to strike
11:09 am
after 14 months of failed negotiations. 93% of denver's classroom teacher association members approved a strike which could happen as soon as january 28th later this hour something very special on the show. they broke the color barrier in baseball. it's american history if you ask me. you'll get to see it live on this program today. listen to this. bono has come out in defense of capitalism. he says it is not immoral. he says it taking more people out of poverty than any other system. you know what, he's right. this comes one day after congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez sent the system that allows billionaires is immoral. trump is daring to clean up the establishment's biggest messes than they hate him for it. frequent as steve hilton wrote that and how make his case next. ♪
11:10 am
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trained to nearly 1500 private jets are dead in center this year for the world economic forum despite global warming being one of the main impacts discussed. private says it will be between 12 and 1500 private jets to gather to dive us despite the big carbon footprint you get from air travel. steve helton is with us. i'm sure he's got something to say. 1500 private jets. >> at that time of year. we cannot lampoon the elitist hypocrisy. not just on climate change. remember the self-righteous
11:14 am
plug-in committed to improving the state of the world. what they actually do, literally how they think of themselves. they have these pan laws and plenary is in a talk about climate change of course as you just said, that inequality when you have billionaires of the mountain talking about inequality. talking about diversity. nearly every single participant is hypocritical. let me get to the serious point. the one thing that's really wrong is that it reveals one of the flaws in the way our modern world and economy is organized. the reason everyone goes there, and they all go there and say i really hate davos but you got to be here because everyone is here. everyone who messages there and it reveals the concentration of power that has happened in our government and in our economy.
11:15 am
that's a serious flaw. >> i'm going to move on for a second here. trump is staring to clean up the establishment biggest message and they hate him for it. but this one. >> on issue after issue, immigration we are talking about right now has been an unsolved problem by congress and successive presidents. look at trade. impact of trade on stagnant wages. they been getting the upper hand for decades. it is not donald trump causing these problems. he's gully not it been trying to sort it out. he showing up the establishment in both hardee's for the next they've made issue after issue for many years. stuart: you are right.
11:16 am
trade and immigration have been decade-long problems. and now mr. trump takes them on a near riot. he is hated for it. never seen anything like it. you've never seen a president like this before. >> that's exactly right. the thing that's remarkable is you have obama the hero to all the commentators and his slogan, hope and change. donald trump when he ran, he really did promise change from the orthodoxy of the previous few decades and is actually delivering it. that is the most remarkable thing that they can believe finding someone on the platform of change is actually changing things and it really horrifies them. stuart: if his opponent as outlet to the democrat party, does mr. trump win?
11:17 am
>> i don't see anyone in the current field who in the end will be the current president. they are far too left to win those states and those voters who want the basic things come in a strong economy, security at home and abroad. fundamental things that donald trump totally understands and is delivering. there could be a surprise. there could be a candidate a bit like donald trump for no one expects to enter the field redacted prove a challenge. if the current mainstream politicians across the spectrum i don't see beating them. stuart: will be watching steve helton sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern. come back and see you soon. to the market, where are we? fifty-three dollars a barrel. the price of gas is rising ever so slightly. national average $2.26.
11:18 am
gold has been hovering on $12.80. still bear a 12.82. bitcoin hovered around 3500. right now it is at 3500. a drone citing interrupted flights at newark airport a half-hour yesterday. just recently traffic up on its two biggest airports disrupted for savings as well. we said it was only a matter of time before it happened here and it did. tax season is here, so here's a little trivia for you. 25 counties in america paid more than a quarter of the total income tax collected in 2016. can you guess which counts you pay the most? were going to tell you. ♪
11:19 am
♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during the january savings event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds, now ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus 36-month financing. ends saturday. sleep number... proven, quality sleep. stuart: as we told you, and 25 counties in america paid more than a quarter of the total income tax collect it in 2016. to which candidate the most? here we go. los angeles or los angeles county paid 3.6% in all income tax collected.
11:23 am
a very big county remember. new york city with zack and. new york is paid to .7% rounding out the top five, cook county, illinois i'm a santa clara, california and king county, washington. two reports of a drone citing at newark airport yesterday. the drug was spotted around 3500 feet above a neighboring airport. they lasted about 30 minutes. look what damage one drone can do. faa spokesman says 43 flights into newer, liberty were required to hold tuesday because of the drone citing. nine flights diverted during the 21 minute event. a couple of items on the super bowl. chick-fil-a in atlanta were the super bowl will be played, that restaurant will be close super bowl sunday in accordance with the policies for one-day worship and rest. boston and los angeles residents could get free if their team
11:24 am
wins. they will provide free beer. about his reliability and on what the cops they have not. brennan writes in marketing opportunities like the super bowl draft, nfl combine. the deal could give huge leverage over its competitor over home depot. the shutdown moving into his 33rd day. tsa says they are currently paid more than double the callouts compared to this time last year. minneapolis, st. paul tops the list of long wait times. the top 10 list includes miami international and we'll go there live for a report from miami after this. youtube front man -- u2 front man bono has come out for capitalism. it's not immoral. it has helped more people out of poverty than of any other
11:25 am
system. but the contrast of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who says capital is done is immoral. ♪ treating advanced lung cancer. treatments like keytruda with chemotherapy really break through barriers that we had not too many years ago. (avo) another tru story with keytruda. in a clinical trial, significantly more patients lived longer and saw their tumors shrink than on chemotherapy alone. (dr. kloecker) it's changed my approach to treating patients. (avo) keytruda may be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you have advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer and you do not have an abnormal "egfr" or "alk" gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer,
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stuart: and portland breaking news to steny hoyer. number two democrat in the house. he says his members will be discussing, quote, substantial sums of additional money for border security. he didn't say law, but that is an dark contrast to nancy pelosi, who i think has said not a single dollar. ashley: not ascend. the house democratic leaders are drafting a letter who would propose roughly $5 billion in border security as long as the president agrees to open up the government. however, the money does not include any funding for any new structures. stuart: he also said, by the way, this is more important. the capitol hill police will be fully prepared for president trumpeted the state of the union address. so steny hoyer is going up against nancy. i would've thought that would help the market and it did.
11:30 am
$5 billion for border security, but no new structures. how is that going to fly with the president? however, if the starting point. >> the doors crack open a little bit. >> the dow up 20 points a few minutes ago. now we are at 50, going on 60 points. made a little bit of difference there. the next one. our next guest has raised $35 million. he needs 100 nobody's got 35 million so far. he's trying to raise the rest. his company witches can defend, a cannabis company. he said he's raised the money without going to the public market. that's unimportant to the point of the raise money quickly and effectively. adrian is here, ceo. that was fairly easy. you raise $30 million. easy to get money for a cannabis company these days? >> raising money is never an
11:31 am
easy. a wonderful team and longer function as a fiduciary. you can be successful. >> you've got an expanding industry. looks to expand significantly in the future. but we do do with 100 million? >> if you look at cannabis right now is a poker tournament, and we are in the second day of a multi-day tournament. the blinds are going up. it's more expensive, so you invest in your brand. you invest in m&a. all your cause breed date to build against the growth over the long term. stuart: use all flour. that is the green as it's often called, the marijuana is self. am i right in saying that the stuff on the market today that you are developing an l.a. and is much more powerful than it
11:32 am
was 20, 30 years ago? >> i would be really fair and accurate statement. we also sells a. >> that leads to my next question. some of the gas on the program has said it is immoral to invest in a cannabis company. would you say to them? >> first i would ask them why. >> there has been publicity recently a cannabis ingestion provokes psychosis, make psychosis worse. there is a book to that on the bestseller list at the moment. >> mcdonald's french fries kill more people a year than cannabis does. if you think about the medical side of the industry, and they can do everything to help people with their parkinson's, how people with crohn's disease. it is a much superior pain reliever than opioids are. that's about restoring the human health condition. on the adult use side we are
11:33 am
magnified in amplifying in helping you transform from a baseline to improve on it so we can help you sleep better or be more calm her charge harder it would be more creative or even just connect with your kids a little bit better. stuart: adrienne, canndescent ceo. i'm sure we'll see you again. the government shut down in its fourth week at 33 days initially. the numbers on tsa said calls. 724% called out yesterday. that's more than double the number who called out the same time i share. come on in phil keating. miami's international airport. are the lines on today? >> they are not. travelers flying out of miami international today are really not noticing much impact of the government shut down. the only problem is that tsa workers are doing their jobs without getting paid in about a month.
11:34 am
the line has been moving smoothly. the airport tells mame was 20 minutes for a person to get through security which is about the average. tsa reports it's about 20 minutes all around the country with the nations top 40 airports. yesterday in tampa, charlie crist, and they met with tsa workers there, telling them what they are all hopeful they get a paycheck soon and republicans and democrats can help and the federal government shut down. stuart: got it. phil keating, no lines, very short lines at miami international. stay there. now this, the front man of you two talked about capitalism at the world economic forum in davos. roll tape. >> capitalism is not immoral. it is immoral. it requires instruction.
11:35 am
capitalism has taken more people than any other is some, but it is a wild beast and it's not tamed. it can chew up a lot of people along the way. >> comprehensive. the lady on the right-hand side of your screen, relatable podcast host is with us now. i tend to feel that millennial fair not buying the message. i think millennialist believe capitalism is immoral and harmful. what say you. >> right. well, i think they should look at bono's evolution over the past few years. this is the guy who at concerts is telling his audience members, take out their phone, tell them that we need more foreign aid for these countries and he was actually quoted a few years ago saying it's really just a stopgap in study showed just
11:36 am
giving foreign aid to countries doesn't let them on a poverty. foreign trade does. foreign investment does. i commend him for evolving in this way and millennialist were idealistic in the same way at bono used to be that as they learn and make money and see how much the government takes out of their paycheck that they could have the same evolution as bono. stuart: alexandria ocasio-cortez said the exact opposite earlier this week. she said capitalism is immoral. i'm sure she was talking about capitalism. people like him are trying to reduce the influence because she appears to be now leading the charge in the democrat party. >> i'm not sure if that is the goal. being in the mainstream figure who care so much about the poor, he really does speak enough
11:37 am
about the goodness of capitalism within influence on the lendale's. sure, capitalism is inherently immoral if you also think alleviating poverty -- the history, the logic just don't back ocasio-cortez up and you hope that she will be pulled out of her idealism. stuart: do you think that millennial's will vote for massive tax increases. do you think they will vote for medicare for all? keeping the boat for free college? do you think they'll vote for it? will they actually do it? >> i think a large percentage of them will this go around. especially someone like her with so much social influence. when she says, for example, only
11:38 am
the person making $10 million at the tiptop. when you get that misinformation , and they might say i'm never going to make $10 million. but the hope is they are becoming educated. people like me another conservative millennialist teaching the basics of economics and capitalism. and i do think that there is hope for us. there's a growing percentage of millennialist who hopefully are waking up to that fact. stuart: we got it. thank you for joining us. let's get to the migrant caravan. marching towards our southern border in mexico has issued visas so they can get through mexico. they're letting them in. next a former i.c.e. guy who worked under president obama. he says amazingly we need the
11:39 am
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stuart: the wall street journal columnist said we could see a coup in venezuela at the
11:41 am
country's military backed people. roll tape. >> what with the military do? that is the key question. lots of people, i have my ear to the ground are saying that the military will take the side of the people and the reason is simple. you have children with bone showing. the starvation, treatable diseases, the country is just at its wits end and this is do or die. they are very determined. people have said a lot of them are willing to die. the question is which side will the military take?
11:42 am
11:43 am
stuart: members of the band kiss given away meals to tsa employees affected by the shutdown. gene simmons, they own a chain of airport restaurants. rock and brews they are called. tsa workers can eat for free in the shutdown. i don't know if we need to know this or not but they can choose between pulled pork sandwich or a salad. the border patrol agents are also getting free meals in zero interest loans and even free yoga classes. local business, nonprofits, california, texas providing those things to homeland security personnel. keep them on the job protecting
11:44 am
the border. migrant caravan. another law making its way to our southern border. mexico issuing the says. just let them through. john sandbach as it does. armor act and i.c.e. director under the obama administration. john, there is another one coming and another one after that. what are we going to do if we don't have a wall? >> to be clear i don't think the wall is a panacea. there's places along the border where we need to repair the exist in wall. the biggest threat to the border security right now is the shutdown itself. all the migrant caravan's want to do is get two feet on the soil. then they can fire the asylum claim. by having the government shut down failing to take action and provide resource is where we need it, particularly immigration ports, all we're doing is compounding away further incentivize.
11:45 am
>> you said a few minutes ago that he would consider his members would consider more money from an undisclosed amount of money, but more money for border security. does that sound to you like the opening negotiation on the deal? >> it does. good news and very encouraging. what concerns me is concerns me a bit is that both sides are not talking about a comprehensive solution. you can't build a wall. you also need a plus u.s. attorneys. to prosecute cases. one of the key ways to promote border security is get the rings here in the first place. we need more money they are. we need more money for hhs and desperately for the immigration court. i am hopeful that his beginnings in meaningful conversations where we can end the impasse and get additional resources to the
11:46 am
border. stuart: a lot of people are surprised to your position because he worked in the obama administration. if not a wall, border security. a lot of people are surprised to your position. >> they would agree right now it's a massive number of asylum claims, where i put my focus first and foremost are the immigration courts. the president requested money for 75 judges which is a great car. i can imagine democrats would oppose that. i'm supportive of the funds for dhs and hhs to do with the influx. we are very much in favor to order security. stuart: of the problem is nancy pelosi. the left-wing of her party, which is forcing her into this no negotiation not a dollar for
11:47 am
the wall. that's a position. >> immigration politics are impossible. 70 votes in the senate. we haven't passed meaningful immigration in at least 15 years. the problem here is immigrations are always hard. they don't result in good policies and our entire budget in the operation of the government is tied to immigration politics challenging place to be. stuart: build the wall. thank you for joining us. i've got to cut in here for some breaking news. trump administration tells u.s. energy companies could impose sanctions as soon as this week if they deteriorate further. remember, huge demonstrations are going to take place today in caracas, venezuela's capital in favor of the opposition person to take over the president maduro's job.
11:48 am
earlier, this could be a day of bloodshed. this could also be the deciding day for venezuela's future in the administration is waiting and. it's important. baseball fans, check this out. babe ruth jersey went for four-pint $4 million. the highest selling piece of memorabilia of all time. something that may surpass that number. jacqui robinson's original professional baseball contract for the brooklyn dodgers and the royals were in a safe deposit box up until a few years ago. now they are up for auction. an opening bid $5 million. sports history yes. american history yes indeed. on the set next, security guards and all.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
stuart: we been waiting for this throughout the show. jacqui robinson's baseball contract for the brooklyn dodgers in the montréal royals. minimum bid $5 million.
11:53 am
he organized this whole thing and it got the contract with it. welcome back to the show. >> god be with you. >> it seems remarkably short for such an historic contract. >> there were two contracts come in the 19 minor league contract with the dodgers minor league system in the famous april 1947 contract with the brooklyn dodgers. that is the one that broke the barrier. the other one broke the professional baseball color barrier because it was the first african-american minor leagues. the actual league of professional baseball club stander contract hasn't changed much in 100 years. babe ruth contract for 1918 looked exactly like that. stuart: is this the biggest item of sport memorabilia around >> the most valuable. this really transcends that. it's a piece of american
11:54 am
history. martin luther king said he didn't start the civil rights movement, jacqui robinson did. these are the founding documents of the civil rights movement. mariano rivera, first player ever come a person of color to get 100% of the hall of fame voting. ty cobb didn't do it, ken griffey junior didn't do it. mickey mantle didn't do it. the shows how important the contracts were. this shows how important america has come in baseball at the way of integration of all the sports. stuart: let me get this right here. before the 1947, before then, they spot was all white. >> that's why they had the leagues. stuart: almost by rule and by law. >> it was an unwritten rule, but it was a good old voice network. >> the reaction must have been extraordinary. huge development.
11:55 am
>> that's why jacqui robinson is so famous. that's why they had jacqui today every april 15th. jacqui robinson transcends everything. i was at an event and i would send event and the commissioner of baseball we say that nobody is bigger than the game of baseball except jacqui robinson. >> does the contracts say how much was to be paid russian mark >> $600 a month and he was paid $5000 a year for the brooklyn dodgers and of course the contracts available for viewing now in the live auction is january 31st. the important thing about this is this is for premium bidders only. it's not like you can call in their place a bid. so if anybody's interest data and we would hope that a corporation is out there for an individual that would want to donate or to donate or perhaps to one of the museums, specially jacqui robinson this year,
11:56 am
there's dirty $6 million appraisal with a tax benefit. make sure you register ahead of time. stuart: you just mentioned a large dollar number. dirty six william dollars appraisal. >> the contracts were praised at $36 million. stuart: you found us in a safe deposit. >> my container in a safe deposit box for over 30 years. the consortium, but collect terrace café is the container. stuart: you've done it again. a remarkable coup if i may say. live event viewable right now. again, transcends sports is the single most important document in the past 100 years. stuart: ken goldman. you're all right. thank you very much. there is other baseball news. mariano rivera got a spot in the baseball hall of fame. foregone conclusion did he get
11:57 am
in. the vote was unanimous. first time that's ever happened in the history of the hall of fame. watch rivera and his family react to the news the unanimous vote. just watch this. >> you are the first person -- [cheers and applause] ♪ take me out to the ballgame ♪ take me out with the crowd ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks you >> i don't care if we never get whacked the ♪ root, root, root for the home team.
11:58 am
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monthly plan premium. and, in some areas, no plan premium. with humana, you'll get more than original medicare alone and have the peace of mind of knowing you're covered for doctor visits and hospital stays. plus, routine physicals and preventive screenings. and when it comes to prescriptions, in 2017, humana's medicare advantage prescription drug plan members saved an estimated $6900 on average on their prescription costs. so call a licensed humana sales agent today at the number on your screen, to see if you're eligible to enroll today. and say yes to getting the right health care coverage without having to wait for it. . stuart: is this start of movement on reopening the government? a statement from steny hoyer, what did he say. >> we'll offer $5 billion for border security without any new structures. stuart: that is a starting point. exact opposite what we're getting from nancy pelosi. >> correct.
12:00 pm
stuart: i would thought that it would help the market. it did not help the market. we moved from a plus 100. we're now at minus 52. 40 odd points. the steny hoyer statement didn't have effect i thought it would on the market. time is up. neil, it is yours. neil: you think about it, they're not budging. no wall, can call it whatever you want, but not a wall, these people have to be slapped. grow up. thank you my friend. president meeting with conservative leaders on immigration proposal. he will take up two different measures, neither which expected to get 60 votes needed. either democratic-friendly one, republican friendly one. we could be back to square one. far better read, capitol hill senior producer chad pergram. >> when you


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